Professional Staff

M.J. Bell

I have worked with Fred Glassman for almost 30 years. I am Mr. Glassman's assistant; and more importantly, I am an advocate for our clients helping to make a safe environment for the client to move forward in his or her life. Often the client may feel apprehensive of the future bringing such monumental changes to their lives. In today's economy everyone is wary of making such changes. I am there to listen, give a hug when needed, and to facilitate in any way moving our clients forward in this process. I can tell you that after doing litigation for many years, the mediation and collaborative processes are a dignified, kinder and safer way to dissolve a marriage and move forward. If you have children the collaborative approach does keep your children from seeing one parent as the "bad" parent and one parent as the "good" parent. It also protects them from a litigious court case and becoming "collateral damage". You may not be with your spouse forever but you will be with your children forever.