Frederick J. Glassman has created his Medicollab™ as an innovative dispute resolution method for certain matters that qualify for this process. Combining the most appropriate aspects of mediation with collaborative law practice, Medicollab™ tailors the process to the specific needs of the participants by redefining the role of the mediator. A Medicollab™ mediator can act as a neutral facilitator with each party being represented by his and her own consulting attorney or the mediator can be a case manager and even offer a tie-breaker opinion during discussions with the collaborative attorneys. Medicollab™ is a process used to avoid impasse in the collaborative process and is used when certain mediations require the use of consulting attorneys for each party. A merger of consulting attorneys acting as collaborative attorneys or collaborative attorneys acting as consulting attorneys is the keystone to success. This merger of the two non-adversarial forms of consensual dispute resolution can often help parties obtain a mutually acceptable result which would otherwise be in jeopardy.


California law validates using a family law lawyer on a limited scope basis so that the consulting attorney can provide services to clients without being required to sign on as attorney of record in the formal case. Consulting lawyers are used in the mediation process, often at the inception of the case, in order to assure that the clients are fully informed during the mediation process. Consulting attorneys are often used to provide clients engaged in the formal litigation process with a second opinion.


The Collaborative Law and Mediation Offices of Frederick J. Glassman provide skills and experience to accommodate the uniqueness and particular circumstances and individuality of the client. We adapt a "tailor-made" type approach to each case and assure the client that he or she has considered the variables and choices for reaching the best results. The collaborator is your advocate for enhancing your interests while at the same time being cognizant of the interests of your spouse so an amicable solution is created. The consulting attorney makes sure that the client has considered all of his and her options and has been fully informed of choices available. Acting as the mediator the attorney uses his skills to facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute without court intervention. To find out how we can assist you contact us today.