Summary Mediation is a process that provides creative and cohesive solutions for spouses who have, on their own, reached mutual decisions for most of the outstanding issues but are not quite there. They have a few items that still need to be resolved before they can put the finishing touches on their case. Up steps our innovative protocol for Summary Mediation.


Summary Mediation is a low cost comprehensive package offered to those participants who qualify. The package provides a certain number of hours for the mediator's time at a reduced hourly rate. The mediator will spend a portion of the allocated number of hours conferencing with the parties and assisting them with negotiating the final aspects of their matter. The balance of the mediator's time will be spent preparing all of the court-mandated forms, together with the Marital Settlement Agreement (Stipulated Judgment).


  • Your and your spouse have a written list as to how you will divide most of your marital property, such as furniture, real estate, bank accounts, artwork, jewelry and other personal effects
  • You and your spouse have agreed on how to allocate any remaining community debts
  • You and your spouse have discussed the issue of spousal support (alimony) and agree that spousal support is appropriate but you may need assistance from the mediator as to the factors to be considered and how to determine the appropriate amount of support.
  • On the other hand you and your spouse may have agreed that no support will is applicable or appropriate and thus will be waived
  • You and your spouse have discussed the issue of child support, custody and visitation, and have reached an agreement as to the time-sharing schedule for your children but may need assistance from the mediator in resolving further details of the parenting plan or aspects of child support
  • You and your spouse have retirement and/or pension plans and need assistance from the mediator as to how such plans are to be divided


Summary Mediation is the best process to tie up the loose ends of the family law matter you and your spouse have already started. The hard work is behind you and you are well on the road to success. Summary Mediation eliminates the stress and worry of completing extensive court-mandated forms that are required to be filed with the Court in any dissolution proceeding, regardless of whether you are in litigation or have elected to resolve your matter on your own. Summary Mediation provides you with the Judgment of Dissolution (Marital Settlement Agreement) incorporating all of your understandings that you and your spouse have worked so hard to achieve. Finally, and most importantly, Summary Mediation is a confidential process that reinforces the success you and your spouse have achieved in reaching your understanding on your own and assists you in finalizing the few remaining items that need to be incorporated in your agreement. In the end you and your spouse will reach the best possible result for the entire family at an affordable cost.


With our experienced professional staff and utilization of seasoned contract attorneys we can offer you Summary Mediation. To learn whether you qualify for Summary Mediation contact us today.